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Setup programs


Each Full version of a product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection is delivered as a self-extracting installation program with the corresponding name delimited by underscores like "Product_Name_Setup.exe":



Each Trial version of a product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection is delivered as a self-extracting installation program with the corresponding name and the suffix TW (trial ware) delimited by underscores like "Product_Name_TW_Setup.exe":



The free software "3D Message Free" is delivered as a self-extracting installation program "3D_Message_Free_Setup.exe".


Before the installation


Usually, you do not need more than one product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection. However, you can try several Trial versions of different products. Note that each new installation overwrites the association between the (.sa1) file extension and the corresponding executable program inside the file manager settings.


Before each new installation, it is better (but not necessary) to uninstall the previous Trial version using its uninstallation program to save your hard disc space, remove the redundant icons from your Programs menu and the Desktop screen, and remove the obsolete registry settings. 




Run the corresponding installation program.


The quickest way to install the product (or its Trial version) is to click the "No-Questions-Asked Installation" button. You will be asked to accept the license agreement, and then the product will be installed immediately. No technical questions will be asked.


By default, the setup program will install everything. If you want to exclude certain items, such as the examples of the scene files, click on the "Select Components" button.


If you want to change the default installation folder as well as select which components should be installed, click on the "Advanced Options Installation" button.


After the installation


After the installation, the installation folder will contain the sub folder "Docs" with the Help file "SA_Collection_Help.chm" (just the file that you are reading now) and the  "Examples" with some examples of the scene (.sa1) files. To find the location of the installed folders, run the installed product and use the menu item "File / Folder Architecture...".


Note that the "SA_Collection_Help.chm" file is common for all products of the Shadow Analyzer Collection (3D Message, 3D Draw Shadows, Shadow Visualizer, Shadow Calculator, and Shadow Analyzer).


Uncheck the box "Show window contents while dragging"


Our programs use the graphics card very intensively. Therefore to avoid problems with the resizing of 3D View windows, switch off the "Show window contents while dragging" option on your PC. See below how to do it in the "Windows 7" interface.




In Windows 7 (the "Ultimate" edition interface):


You need to open the control window with the following address:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools


However, it is not so easy to find this control window.


To do it, you can open the "Windows Explorer" window (like you open any folder on your PC), and then copy the mentioned address line into the address bar of the window.


If you find the needed window, go to the point (6) below.


Alternatively do the following:


1. Click on "Start" button -- the "start" window with the two-columns' menu appears.


2. Click the item "Control Panel" in the right column -- the window "Adjust your computer's settings" appears.


Note: the needed item is not listed in the icons' set of this window, therefore do the following:


3. Inside the address line of this window, click on the rightmost small triangle arrow -- the dropdown list appears under the arrow.


4. Click on the line "All Control Panel Items" of this dropdown list -- the window with the same title "Adjust your computer's settings" but with the extended icons' set appears.


5. Find the icon "Performance Information and Tools" and click on it.


Now (if you did all written above) you are all in all in the window "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools".


6. Inside the left menu column of this window, click on "Adjust visual effects" -- the "Performance Options" dialog appears.


7. Choose the "Visual Effect" Tab inside the dialog window -- you see the alphabetical list of settings with the check boxes.


8. Inside the list, find and uncheck the item "Show window contents while dragging".


9. Close the "Performance Options" dialog with "OK" button.