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3D Message Free


3D Message Free is a free software product of:


Dr. Baum Research e.K.

Pfitznerweg 20

D-74523 Schwäbisch Hall


This product is built on C++ Libraries for Solar Technologies 1996-2015.

Copyright © 2015 Dr. Baum Research e.K. All Rights Reserved.




3D Message Free -- a simple 3D drawing tool for beginners. It is the free version of 3D Message without the texture editing.


This is the screen shot of a typical session with 3D Message Free (we hid toolbars to simplify the picture).



This is the screen shot of the toolbars (we minimized the field of the 3D View windows to simplify the picture).



Note: 3D Message Free (as well as 3D Message) displays shadows only on the flat landscape but not on objects. Also, with 3D Message Free you cannot create and manage textures. However, 3D Message Free displays the textures in scenes that are created by Full versions of other products like 3D Message, 3D Draw Shadows, etc. (as you can see on the next screen shot).





3D Message Free is an easy-to-use 3D tool for beginners. It is a good tutor and helper for anyone who likes to illustrate an idea or an explanation easily and quickly by 3D drawing.


The user interface is very friendly and intuitive. In a few minutes, you can compose a scene, populate it with objects, change object dimensions, location, orientation, colors, and reflectivities. After all these transformations, you can save the scene in a file.


The scene files are amazingly small (only a few kilobytes). You can send them by email. Your recipients do not need to buy any product to read your 3D messages -- it is enough to install 3D Message Free or to use the Trial (time-unlimited) version of any other product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection.


3D Message Free is a stand-alone tool. It does not depend on any other applications or any third-party packages.