Software products for 3D Messaging, 3D Drawing with shadows, and 3D Solar Design with the shading analysis

From shadow effects in 3D modeling to the shading analysis of solar projects

The theme of the shadow visualization is actual for many areas of the computer world. In general, shadows as an element of Computer Graphics highly improve the quality of images, make them more realistic, and help our intuition to mentally reconstruct a 3D scene from its 2D picture.

Shadows play the analogical but less important role also in Engineering Graphics. However, there is an area of CAD (Computer Aided Design), where shadows are not only a desirable feature of the visual representation but become a very important engineering factor due to their impact on the functionality of technical systems -- this CAD area belongs to Solar Energy Engineering.

The line of our software products, which we call the Shadow Analyzer Collection, covers main aspects of the shadow visualization, shading analysis, and specific engineering calculations associated with shadows.

This page contains the general description of Shadow Analyzer Collection and installation instructions.
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Free introduction into the Shadow Analyzer Collection (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

Our free software 3D Message Free is the introduction into the Shadow Analyzer Collection.

The installation package of 3D Message Free contains the documentation for the entire Shadow Analyzer Collection.

The main purpose of 3D Message Free is to train you in the scene management. This free software allows you to save scenes in the scene files. All these scenes will get more features and further management options when later you will buy one of our products.

Products of the Shadow Analyzer Collection (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

Note that usually you do not need more than one product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection, because each next product in the product line 3D Message ⇒ 3D Draw Shadows ⇒ Shadow Visualizer ⇒ Shadow Analyzer is "higher" than the previous one and contains all the features of "lower" products.

The Shadow Analyzer Collection includes the following products:

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All the products have common elements of the user interface for the scene management. A combination of combo boxes allows easily find and select objects, their types, parameters, coordinates, and their places in the CS hierarchy. You can transform objects smoothly and continually using Spin controls to change their parameters.

All the products have compatible file formats with the same (.sa1) file extension. The scene files are amazingly small (only a few kilobytes). You can send them by email. Your recipients do not need to buy any product to read your 3D messages -- they can download and use the Trial version as a free viewer to view your scenes. We recommend 3D Draw Shadows Trial for this purpose.

The following screen shot shows some example scenes included in the installation package of each product (and its Trial version).

Some example scenes.

After a short learning of the user interface and example scenes you will be able to create your own scenes of any complexity.

And note that a scene means much more than its picture. It contains much more information, because it is a 3D model, which can be observed from any vintage point and with any position of the light source. Therefore, you do not need to illustrate your idea by multiple drawings of different projections. Moreover, the parametric management of a scene is much easier process than any kind of drawing, and yet a parametric record of a scene (the scene file) is much shorter than any picture file.

Read the documentation

The installation package of each product (as well as the installation package of the Trial version of each product) contains the documentation for the entire Shadow Analyzer Collection. The documentation is compiled in a single Help file "SA_Collection_Help.chm" that is designed in the HTML Help format.

The documentation is written as a step-by-step tutorial with multiple illustrations, and you can read it consecutively as an entire book. First chapters describe the common features of all products. Next chapters describe more advanced products.

If you prefer to read the illustrated description before to try the software, than ...

You can read also its online version, using the following link: "Online Help".

And yet, you can read its shortest version in our online "Tutorial" that explains the key points of the user interface and the idea of the scene management by means of parametric objects.

Try before to buy

Each product has its own feature-limited (time-unlimited) Trial version.

In the Trial version, you can try the user interface and product options, you can train yourself in how to compose new scenes, but you cannot save scenes in files (instead, you can consider multiple pre-created example scenes).

Shortly speaking, use 3D Message Free if you want to create your own scenes and save them in the scene files, use the Trial versions of products and consider the included example scenes if you want to know what you can do with our software.

Each Trial version of a product is delivered as a self-extracting installation Setup program with the corresponding name and the suffix TW (trial ware) delimited by underscores like "Product_Name_TW_Setup.exe".

You can download Trial versions of products using the following links (read also the Installation instruction):

Download "3D_Message_TW_Setup.exe"

Download "3D_Draw_Shadows_TW_Setup.exe"

Download "Shadow_Visualizer_TW_Setup.exe"

Download "Shadow_Calculator_TW_Setup.exe"

Download "Shadow_Analyzer_TW_Setup.exe"

The Trial version constraints

Note that the Trial versions of all the products of our Shadow Analyzer Collection are time-unlimited, and you can use them for the educational and research purposes without the license for the corresponding full version. For example, the "Bird Model" window and the "Climate & Irradiance" window are fully functional in the Trial versions Shadow Calculator and Shadow Analyzer. However, to make such the options publicly available, we have to apply constraints to some other features of Trial versions.

General constraints:

In the Trial version of any product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection, you cannot save scenes in files. Note that 3D Message Free allows you to create scenes and save them in the scene files, but their appearance in Trial versions is simplified.

The appearance of a scene in a Trial version depends on the product, by which the scene was created. For example, all scenes created by full version of 3D Message appear in a Trial version of any product with shadows only on the plane landscape but not on the object surfaces.

Note that the appearance of pre-created example scenes included in Trial versions has no constraints.

In a Trial version you cannot copy objects from a scene created by a "lower" product. For example, in the Trial version of Shadow Visualizer, you cannot copy objects from a scene created by 3D Message or 3D Draw Shadows.

Some other constraints are specific to the corresponding products:

You cannot change the light source elevation in Trial versions of 3D Message and 3D Draw Shadows

You cannot change the geographical latitude and the date in Trial versions of Shadow Visualizer and Shadow Calculator / Analyzer.

Shadow Calculator / Analyzer Trial analyzes solar collector systems in scenes created only by the full version of Shadow Calculator / Analyzer.

Installation of products or their Trial versions

File association

The Setup installation program of each product (or its Trial version) establishes the association between the file extension (.sa1) of scene files and the corresponding executable program, which will open a scene, when you double-click on a scene file in your file manager Windows Explorer. Usually, you do not need more than one product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection, so the scene files will be opened just by this particular product.

However, before to choose a product, you might want to compare two or more Trial versions of different products. In this case, please note that each new installation overwrites the previous file association, so that the scene files in your Windows Explorer will be opened by the most-recently-installed program. Therefore, if you want to run a few programs simultaneously, open them by the Start menu of your PC.

Each installed Trial version (as well as each installed product) has a "Remove ..." command in the Start menu of your PC. So you can remove all the redundant Trial versions (as well as their icons on your Desktop screen and the obsolete registry settings) at any time before or after the installation of the chosen product.


Run the corresponding Setup installation program.

The quickest way to install the product (or its Trial version) is to click the "No-Questions-Asked Installation" button. You will be asked to accept the license agreement, and then the product will be installed immediately. No technical questions will be asked.

By default, the Setup program will install everything. If you want to exclude certain items, such as the examples of the scene files, click on the "Select Components" button.

If you want to change the default installation folder as well as to select which components should be installed, click on the "Advanced Options Installation" button.

During the installation of the full version of the product, you will be asked for your Product Registration Code, which you should enter in the Setup dialog window.

After the installation

After the Setup, the installation folder of the product on your PC will contain some useful sub folders:

To find the location of the installed folders, run the product and use its menu item "File / Folder Architecture...".

Go to buy our software products (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10) in the online store

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The "SHARE-IT!" store implements the secure payment processing. It works for both the software developers like we and the software users like you.

In the store, you can use your preferred payment type and currency. The store provides the immediate electronic product delivery when you pay online.

If you add the Backup CD to your order during the order dialog, the CD will be produced specifically for you and will be sent to you by postal mail.

Immediately after the purchase, you will receive the email with your invoice, your link to the downloadable Setup file, and your Registration Key (Key Code) for the Setup program.

Each product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection is delivered as a self-extracting Setup installation program with the corresponding name delimited by underscores like "Product_Name_Setup.exe".

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3D Message $45.00 3D_Message_Setup.exe
3D Draw Shadows $95.00 3D_Draw_Shadows_Setup.exe
Shadow Visualizer $295.00 Shadow_Visualizer_Setup.exe
Shadow Calculator $695.00 Shadow_Calculator_Setup.exe
Shadow Analyzer $1985.00 Shadow_Analyzer_Setup.exe
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