3D Draw Shadows is an easy-to-use parametric CAD tool for everyday 3D Modeling

3D Draw Shadows (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

3D Modeling tool with shadow effects ...

3D Draw Shadows is the easy-to-use parametric CAD tool for everyday 3D Modeling. It allows you (like other our "lower" and "higher" products) to illustrate an idea or an explanation easily and quickly by 3D drawing. In compare with the "lower" products like 3D Message Free and 3D Message, which show shadows only on the plane landscape background of the scenes, it shows shadows also on all objects' surfaces.

From the first look, it seems to be a very little step. But this "little" step requires a rather complex rendering technique, and what is more important, it substantially improves the scene appearance, because shadows provide the impression of the scene's depth dimension. In general, shadows as an element of Computer Graphics highly improve the quality of images, make them more realistic, and help our intuition to mentally reconstruct a 3D scene from its 2D picture.

The '3D View' window of 3D Draw Shadows
The '3D View' window of 3D Draw Shadows is shown without the toolbars to simplify the picture.

3D Draw Shadows (as well as all our products) is also the tool for 3D communications. In 3D communications you send 3D scenes instead of a plane text or static pictures. Read the general discussion on 3D Communications on the page of 3D Message Free.

The scene files are amazingly small (only a few kilobytes). You can send them by email as a very light weight attachment.

Your recipients do not need to buy any product to read your 3D messages -- they can use 3D Message Free to view your scenes or to edit them and send back to you for further discussions.

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3D Draw Shadows can be used also for educational purposes ...

3D Draw Shadows can be used also for educational purposes as an interactive illustration of basic geometrical concepts like:

Actually, 3D Draw Shadows is a good first-step introduction into the world of contemporary parametric CAD, the Computer Aided Design that penetrates all sides of our today life.

3D Draw Shadows can be used even by children (with a minor assistance of parents) as a simple virtual "Constructor" to improve the experience in 3D imagination and 3D orientation.

The user interface of 3D Draw Shadows also includes the toolbar Textures ...

The user interface of 3D Draw Shadows is very friendly and intuitive. In a few minutes, you can compose a scene, populate it with objects, change object dimensions, location, orientation, colors, and reflectivity. After all these transformations, you can save the scene in a file.

The user interface of 3D Draw Shadows
The user interface of 3D Draw Shadows is shown without the '3D View' widow to simplify the picture.

Read the general discussion on the User interface of the scene management and the description of main toolbars on the page of 3D Message Free.

With 3D Draw Shadows, you can also apply textures to objects' surfaces. For this purpose, the user interface of 3D Draw Shadows has the toolbar Textures. The combination of textures and shadows provides the excellent visual effect.

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The three-steps way to the practical usage of our software is:

Read the documentation ...

The documentation is written as a step-by-step tutorial with multiple illustrations, and you can read it consecutively as an entire book. First chapters describe the common features of all products. Next chapters describe more advanced products.

If you prefer to read the illustrated description before to try the software, than ...

You can read also its online version, using the following link: "Online Help".

And yet, you can read its shortest version in our online "Tutorial" that explains the key points of the user interface and the idea of the scene management by means of parametric objects.

Try before to buy ...

In the Trial version, you can try the user interface and product options, you can train yourself in how to compose new scenes, but you cannot save scenes in files (instead, you can consider multiple pre-created example scenes).

Shortly speaking, use 3D Message Free if you want to create your own scenes and save them in the scene files, use the Trial versions of products and consider the included example scenes if you want to know what you can do with our software.

Download the Trial version of 3D Draw Shadows "3D_Draw_Shadows_TW_Setup.exe".

Read also the Installation instruction.

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