Shadow Visualizer is the parametric CAD tool for Solar Engineering and Architecture

Shadow Visualizer (for Windows 7 / 8 / 10)

Shadow Visualizer vs. Shadow Calculator and Shadow Analyzer ...

All three our "solar" products Shadow Visualizer, Shadow Calculator, and Shadow Analyzer are the parametric CAD tools for Solar Engineering and Architecture. To decide which one of them corresponds to your needs, remember that each next product includes all main features of a previous one. Generally speakling, Shadow Visualizer only visualizes shadows, while Shadow Calculator and Shadow Analyzer also calculate the impact of shadows on your PV-system. Shadow Calculator works with static PV-systems like plane panels of PV-modules on a roof or rows of inclined PV-modules on the ground, while Shadow Analyzer analyses also the sun-tracking PV-systems with panels of PV-modules installed on 1-axis and 2-axes trackers.

All the products allow you to create the 3D model of your solar project in the particular architectural environment of your site, and then visualize shadows on your solar collectors for different days and seasons to error-proof your project (to make sure whether it is really free of shadows for the most daytime hours). You can also transfer 3D views of the project into other applications like MS Word or MS PowerPoint to write an illustrated report or to prepare an animated presentation for a lecture.

For solar professionals, all the products are also good marketing and presentation tools for the negotiations with clients. The "3D View" windows highly improve the impression from your project proposals, make them more consistent and clear for your clients, and assure your clients in the reliability of your project.

In addition to these common visualisation options,  Shadow Calculator and Shadow Analyzer provide you with various forms of the graphical and numerical information concerning your project. They allow you to specify the climatic parameters of your site for energy calculations. They display the calculated characteristics of the shading, energy losses, and the energy output of your system in several "solar" windows for a particular day or the entire year. You can analyze the graphical representation of the data (displayed as a set of curves of the calculated characteristics), or use the Table window that displays their numerical values in tables. Then you can transfer the tables into other applications like MS Excel to compare data of different versions of your project and implement further numerical analysis for the optimization of your project or for more specific research tasks.

Shortly speaking, use Shadow Visualizer for the express visual evaluation of the shading if you want merely error-proof your solar project to make sure that it is free of shadows for the most daytime hours in all "solar" seasons.

Use Shadow Calculator or Shadow Analyzer if you want to optimize your solar project in respect with shadows provided by the specific architecture environment of a particular site, or if you want to evaluate the average yearly productivity of the project under your climate conditions. Shadow Calculator is especially useful for the optimization of static arrays of the inclined PV-modules, while Shadow Analyzer is especially useful for the optimization of the sun-tracking PV-systems, because in these cases the self-shading can play the major role.

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To avoid the solar collectors shading and protect your solar investments, visualize shadows with our Shadow Visualizer

Shadow visualization error-proofs your solar project. It helps you to refine the placement of your solar PV-panels and solar thermal collectors and to keep the high efficiency of your solar investments. It protects you from any little unobvious mistakes that are not apparent immediately but can become substantial in a long-term prospect.

The '3D View' window of Shadow Visualizer
The '3D View' window of Shadow Visualizer is shown with a few toolbars to simplify the picture.

Shadow Visualizer makes this necessary step as evident and intuitive as possible. It visualizes shadows on solar collectors of any configuration within any architecture environment, for any geographical latitude in both hemispheres, for any season, and time of a day. It takes into account all the architectural details of your particular site: the configuration and orientation of your own building, the presence of surrounding buildings, and even the landscape shape and growing trees.

Two '3D View' windows of Shadow Visualizer
Shadow Visualizer visualizes shadows on your solar collectors in multiple '3D View' windows.

Home users do not need to be professionals in the solar engineering to detect possible shadows on their solar collectors and to find the best position for solar panels with Shadow Visualizer.

For the professionals, shadow visualization is a quick and effective method to avoid the solar panels shading within simple static or complex sun-tracking solar collector arrays. Moreover, Shadow Visualizer installed on your laptop is also a marketing tool for your contacts with potential customers. Colored pictures from the 3D View window of Shadow Visualizer showing how you prevent the solar collector shading highly improve the impression from your solar project proposals, make them more consistent and clear, and assure your clients in the reliability of your project.

Whether you are a homeowner or a homebuilder, a solar architect or a professional installer of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal equipment, Shadow Visualizer will help you to make your solar project 100% reliable. It helps to avoid both energy and money losses, and decreases the actual investment-return time length.

Note that you can use Shadow Visualizer also for many other tasks that are associated somehow with the solar radiation or solar light in architecture, solar design, and even in your everyday practical life.

The "3D Communications" option of Shadow Visualizer ...

As well as all our products, Shadow Visualizer is also the tool for 3D communications. In 3D communications you send 3D scenes instead of a plane text or static pictures. Read the general discussion on 3D Communications on the page of 3D Message Free.

The scene files are amazingly small (only a few kilobytes). You can send them by email as a very light weight attachment.

This option is very convenient for solar professionals communicating with their permanent partners: the designers and planners of solar energy systems, suppliers and installers of the solar equipment, etc.

Your recipients do not need to buy any product to read your 3D messages -- they can either use the time-unlimited Trial version of Shadow Visualizer to view your scenes with shadow effects, or use 3D Message Free to edit your scenes and send them back to you for further discussions.

The user interface of Shadow Visualizer ...

The user interface of Shadow Visualizer is very friendly and intuitive. In a few minutes, you can compose a scene, populate it with objects, change object dimensions, location, orientation, colors, and reflectivity. After all these transformations, you can save the scene in a file.

The user interface of Shadow Visualizer
The user interface of Shadow Visualizer is shown without the '3D View' widow to simplify the picture.

Read the general discussion on the User interface of the scene management and the description of main toolbars on the page of 3D Message Free.

With Shadow Visualizer, you can also apply textures to objects' surfaces. For this purpose, the user interface of Shadow Visualizer has the toolbar Textures. The combination of textures and shadows provides the excellent visual effect for the presentation of your solar project.

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The three-steps way to the practical usage of our software is:

Read the documentation ...

The documentation is written as a step-by-step tutorial with multiple illustrations, and you can read it consecutively as an entire book. First chapters describe the common features of all products. Next chapters describe more advanced products.

If you prefer to read the illustrated description before to try the software, than ...

You can read also its online version, using the following link: "Online Help".

And yet, you can read its shortest version in our online "Tutorial" that explains the key points of the user interface and the idea of the scene management by means of parametric objects.

Try before to buy ...

In the Trial version, you can try the user interface and product options, you can train yourself in how to compose new scenes, but you cannot save scenes in files (instead, you can consider multiple pre-created example scenes).

Shortly speaking, use 3D Message Free if you want to create your own scenes and save them in the scene files, use the Trial versions of products and consider the included example scenes if you want to know what you can do with our software.

Download the Trial version of Shadow Visualizer "Shadow_Visualizer_TW_Setup.exe".

Read also the Installation instruction.

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