Software Development Services and 3D Research

3D Objects -- The products' extension service

We can develop custom versions of our software products for you ...

We can develop new types of 3D objects for your specific tasks, and integrate them into your custom version of our software.

Instead of composing complex objects from 2D / 3D primitives, you can order specific types of 3D objects from us. Then you will be able to include these custom objects in different scenes and manage their parameters as you do with other basic objects.

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3D Solutions -- Software on demand

We provide consulting for your solar energy projects in software applications that meet your needs ...

If you are starting your new project with static or sun-tracking solar collectors, you can order its 3D model from us. It could be a new line of the equipment you are manufacturing, or a unique experimental installation you are working on.

The model will simulate the main functionality of your project, will include the criteria of its optimization, and will serve you for easy, reliable, and effective decision-making.

Pose a question, and our answer will come to you in the software application that will guide you during your project’s life cycle.

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3D Research -- Solar Concentrating Technologies

See the following materials about our research activity: R&D on Solar Concentrating Technologies.

We provide Research and Consulting on the solar furnace and solar power plant technologies by the parallel (incremental and iterative) development of the software applications for the visualization, feasibility study, technical optimization, productivity forecasts, and management in different phases of your projects.

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