Individual solar software applications for your projects

3D Software on Demand

We provide the consulting for your solar projects by the individual software applications that meet your needs ...

If you are starting your new project with static or sun-tracking solar collectors, you can order its 3D model from us. It could be a new line of the equipment you are manufacturing, or a unique experimental installation you are working on.

The model will simulate the main functionality of your project, will include the criteria of its optimization, and will serve you for easy, reliable, and effective decision-making.

Pose a question, and our answer will come to you in the software application that will guide you during your project’s life cycle.

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What? A New software application for each new project? Why?

First, not for each new project, but only for certain projects where you face some specific constraints, conditions, or problems that you would like to analyze carefully by means of our simulation software.

Second, automation and universality are common, effective methods for mass production. They can cover a significant portion of our everyday needs. But there are many situations where we need a more individual approach.

What is most frequently needed is something like just-in-time and/or just-in-place automation, something as effective as a conveyer but of a suitable scale that corresponds to the project scope and is adjusted to the user’s needs, without redundant universality. It could be called automation on demand.

Remember how many times you dreamed of adding one more button to the user interface of the software you were working with, or adding one more window where some additional characteristics of your project could be displayed?

Our 3D Software on demand service does just this for you.

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A Typical scenario

Let us suppose that you are installing arrays of sun-tracking PV collectors.

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The animated application "Solpark_SHA.exe" illustrates the Hangar object in Solpark (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany). The application was developed for the animated presentation of the planned architectural reconstruction of the Solpark territory. Stadt Schwäbisch Hall was our customer.

DOWNLOAD "Solpark_SHA.exe"

Click on this link "Solpark_SHA.exe" to download the application.

Hangar in Solpark (Schwäbisch Hall, Germany)

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