Online tutorial for your first steps with Shadow Analyzer Collection

First steps

How to use the online Tutorial ...

This online Tutorial has two simple goals. The first "short" goal is to inform you a little bit more about some common features of our Shadow Analyzer Collection before you download the Documentation or Trial versions of our products. The second "long" goal is to make easy your first steps with our software.

You can find the general product descriptions on the Products' pages. And here we invite you to a few short discussions on how to work with our products.

If you visit our website first time, then merely look these topics trough, to know how our software is designed, what you can do with it, and what is Behind a Scene.

And if you are here not the first time, we hope you know what to do. Read slowly the topics "User Interface" and "Typical Session" in a parallel to your actions with the software interface. In a result, it will be faster than to act without any hints.

Which product is better for the practical training with this Tutorial ? ...

This online Tutorial is written for your first practical steps with any one of our products.

We assume that if you have chosen and already purchased any one of our products, than you will not put the question: "Which product is better for the practical training with this Tutorial?" -- merely use this online Tutorial as a helper and an advisor for your training.

However for those of you, who still did not take a decision and want firstly to try the software practically, this question is actual. For this category of the visitors of our website, we recommend the following:

A note about the screen shots ...

We illustrate this Tutorial mostly by the screen shots of a typical session with Shadow Analyzer, because this "highest" product of the Shadow Analyzer Collection includes all the features (and consequently, contains all the elements of the user interface) of all other "lower" products.

Each time, when some elements of the user interface are specific to a certain "lower" product (or its Trial version), we add the corresponding comments. For example, the toolbar 'Texture' is not available in 3D Message Free, the toolbar '3D View' is implemented differently in different products, the toolbar 'Sun' is available only in Shadow Analyzer but not in other products, etc.

Sometimes we use 'old' screen shots of previous versions of Shadow Analyzer, not to update all the pictures each time, when we issue a new versions. For example, the toolbar 'Sun' on 'old' screen shots contains less buttons than you can see on 'new' screen shots. However, it is not so important for the cases discussed in this online Tutorial.

Note also that the appearance of the user interface depends on the ''color scheme' and the version of the Windows system installed on your PC.

Main topics ...

Use the navigation bar or the links below to go to a particular topic of this online Tutorial:

Further reading

Full Documentation ...

After the reading of the main topics of this online Tutorial you will understand better the logic and the structure of the full documentation for the Shadow Analyzer Collection.

You can read the Documentation online, using this link: "Online Help".

Click on this link Documentation to know how to download it separately or together with any Trial version of our products.

For 'solar' visitors ...

For those visitors of our website, who have interests in the area of Solar Engineering and Architecture, we recommend to read the chapter "Your Solar Project" of the Documentation to know more about our 'solar' products "Shadow Visualizer" and "Shadow Analyzer".

You can find the chapter "Your Solar Project" also in the online version of the Documentation, using this link: "Online Help".